Monday, October 11, 2010

The Secret Horse Neeehbors!!

I have a theory.

Let me explain. You see, every night between the hours of 8PM and 11PM, (if we are lucky) there is a lot of thumping from our up stares neighbors. I have spoken with them twice about this, but it persists. Now I complain to the office--which is very unlike me and doesn't help. Anyway . . . This banging doesn't stop. EVER!!! And I think, "man, do they all have concrete shoes or something?" No. I think the more likely explanation is that they are all secretly horses. Or unicorns, hard to tell by judging their walking.

They are secretive, though. Dressing up in their human costumes when I see them out side or knock on their door. Sneeky sneeky.

I feel that this explanation makes sense though. Like a horse they do not stop moving or walking except to eat and sleep. They all (parents and kids) must fall asleep around 11 because that is when the constant stomping stops.

It is a good theory.

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Lesa said...

I think you're probably right... but you forgot to mention that they're also up at 4:30 am ... oh wait, you wouldn't know, but they are. Then it's constant stomping around all day.