Wednesday, December 15, 2010

End of School . . . for now

So . . . I just turned in my last final. (I had to email it). I just felt like listing all I did for the finals because, (at least for my Philosophy of Religion class) it was a little nuts. And so, the list will comprise what the final was, and what I did to prepare for it.

1. PE Final -- studied
2. Math Final -- studied
3. Biology Final -- studied
4. Philosophy Analysis, 6-8 pages -- read four essays.
5. Philosophy of Religion Final Papers, 3 papers each 4-5 pages -- read a total of ten essays in preparation of the three papers.
6. Philosophy Summaries, 5 papers, 1 page each -- read five essays

So Philosophy of Religion takes the cake for the craziest final ever!!

*What's in store for next semester: 
1. Issues in Religion, Studies
2. Philosophical Paradoxes
3. Algebra
4. Geology


The Pecks said...

You're a brain :)
Love you :)

Cap said...

I'm a hurt brain. :(
After all that reading and writing and test taking I am brain dead. :(