Sunday, January 2, 2011

Things I've Learned

As it is the new year I thought I'd share this. A few months ago I wrote up a list of things I've learned so far. There aren't many because I only wanted to write down things that really really mean something. So here you go:

Things That I Have Learned in My Life, So Far:

Worrying solves nothing
Kindness is better than success
Everybody thinks they are right
Everyone knows how it feels to be alone
Money doesn't relieve stress
Writing promoted free thinking
Helping other people helps me
Life is good now
Always put things in perspective
Simplicity is beautiful
Complexity is beautiful
Books can mean everything
Science progresses humanity
Violence solves nothing
Forgiveness needs to be learned


Lesa said...

Well, I came to comment on your book list, but ... I think I will here instead.
Thanks for posting this.
I love you.

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

Good post. Agreed