Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Night of Astrophotography

Last night I went with Jeff up between Park City and Kamas and, with his Telescope, took some amazing photos of the night sky. Here are some of the images we captured:

Andromeda Galaxy. You can see the spiral arms and dust in the galazy.

Pleiades. You can see a light blue around a bunch of the stars. These are clouds of dust in between the star cluster and us. (Obviously much more closer to Pleiades).

This is the Orion Nebula. One of the more amazing images taken, we all gathered around the camera and just stared it was beautiful.

This was such a great experience. We left at about 11 and got back at 4am, but it was wonderful to see images that we took of huge objects like galaxies and nebula. I'm excited to go again soon.


Jeffrey Dean Root said...

The photo of Orion that we took with Tom's camera came out much better. I'll send you a copy.

The Pecks said...

Wow!!! I love the pics. I'm sure it looked so much better in real life.