Saturday, February 12, 2011


So, I have been horribly swamp with school and work and a new baby, and a toddler. It almost seems never ending, but at the same time I am really happy with where I am (although I would love to have my Bachelors and be working on a Masters, but I can wait).

Anyway, school has been a bit overwhelming. For my Philosophy minor I am taking a Paradoxes class and a religious philosophy class. Between the two I am reading about sixty pages a day. I am trying to keep up with my math as well but feel like there's never enough time to just sit down and do it. The only class that has been a breeze is Geology, (which is a pre-rec for a physics degree). It has been really simple and straight forward.

Also, I am really frustrated with Warp and Weave (UVU's Speculative Fiction Journal). I've been, for the last two months, working on a site for them and setting up more professional emails and trying to get them into a big Sci-fi symposium at BYU, which would help get them known and over the last two weeks have gotten no where. They got a new editor, (because the old one took a spot as an editor for UVU's new peer-review journal and the faculty advisor kicked her out of Warp and Weave because she was upset about it, or something), and the new editor or . . . editors don't communicate with me. So now I have done ton's of (free) stuff for them and it's pretty much waisted. It's pretty frustrating.

So between all of this, and school and kids I've been exhausted. I actually have been having a really hard time sleeping and have had some other issues with sleep, or lack of, feeling weak and shaky . . . anyway, turns out that there are side effects from my Ulcerative Colitis meds that cause this and if you get them you need to see your dr. Grrr. So I guess I'll be making an appointment. Lame. At least I know why I've been feeling crappy.

Oh, and I am doing another 30 short stories in 30 days thing. If you have any ideas for stories or would like your name in one of them let me know. Your help would be appreciated. (Also, any ideas about a rebellion, time travel, or robots are especially welcome.

I think this is the longest post I've written (on this blog, Pillar of Salt stretch sometimes to ridiculous lengths) in a long time. Congrats to me!


Cap said...

I will say, thanks to me Warp and Weave has at least 60 more submissions this semester... not sure if that is a good thing as I submitted and now I have more competition.

Lesa said...

Hey I'm sorry you're feeling so overwhelmed. It'll all work out. :) I love you