Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter & Biking

As the new movie has come out... the last one... I have been on a huge Harry Potter High. (Even though, having 2 kids, both young, I probably wont see it until it comes out on DVD). And so I am rereading all of the books. I forget how good they are, even the first ones that I thought wouldn't be as good as 5-7. I am really enjoying them!!

Also. Biking is easier. Yesterday I took on the hill at University Parkway--the one that use to kill me--and was able to get up it in about a minute and a half instead of 5. I've been taking a different route, going along University Ave., to Center and then up Center St., The whole thing is uphill accept for very small stretches, so I think my leg muscles have been getting some good conditioning. I'm going to try to get up it faster today... We'll see.

Also, I think we're going to get Maddox a bike soon. I'm not sure if he is too little, but he loves my bike and riding it/sitting on it while I move him around, so I think he'd really like his own.

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