Tuesday, December 6, 2011



It is the week before finals and only on day 2 and my brain hurts. I have been constantly practicing my math, studying biology and working on a 15 page paper for Aesthetics. Not to mention the homework due tomorrow and Friday. For that I need to read 4 chapters of The Origin of Species (which I've actually been enjoying), and write a discussion on 2 of the chapters, take 2 Bio quizzes, and do 4 homework assignments. My Bio Lab Final is suppose to be hard as well and I've been studying that today. (In between looking up scholarly articles for my paper on Dewey's, Art as Experience, and trying to figure out how to take up fifteen pages on a mediocre subject).

Here is my studying paper for my Bio Lab:

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The Pecks said...

Good luck!! You'll do great! And you're a smart little fart!! :)