Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Biking Stats

So, I was looking at my biking stats, (that I keep track on dailymile.com), and noticed something cool. I've gone around the planet .1 times, or 10% around the planet. That is kinda cool. So, it will only take me, biking at the same rate, nine more years to go around the globe. Haha... well, still, I think it is pretty cool and thought I would share that along will all of my other fun stats they give you. These stats are from sometime in the beginning of July to now.

In other news, I have not even started my March goal, and it is unlikely that I am going to finish it. Hmmm. It seems that I am a lot better at goals that deal with health, while reading goals, and such are better for long term goals. So I'm going to rethink my goal and come up with ones dealing with health or something. We'll see.

Also, Lesa and I are trying to go more organic in what we eat. We've been shopping at Good Earth when we can and are getting into drinking green smoothies, eating a lot more produce and working out 2-3 times a week. Feels good.

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