Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summer Semester

Well, we all knew that it was inevitable. I did, anyway. But I have just signed up for 1st and 2nd block for the Summer Semester. Yup. How exciting. This means a lot of changes for me. For one, these classes are during the day. That means that I will be working, (starting in May) during the evening/night. I'm a little excited to start classes during the day. Seems more... real? Anyway, here is the plan, so far:

1st Block:
Biotech 1010
College Chem I 1610
Chem Lab 1615

2nd Block
Principles of Statistics (this may change if I can get my counselor to wave the prereq requirement of Chem II, so I can take Chemistry the second block. We'll see).

So there you have it. A 12 credit summer. There is really no rest for the wicked I guess, because I am going to only get a week or two of a break before summer starts up. Ugh. But I know it'll be worth it. Now I just need to get through this semester. (Microbio is enjoyable. I really like it but the tests are something else... I've never seen tests like these).

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