Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February -- No junkfood

So. I went a whole month without eating any meat! I'm pretty proud that I did it. I think that I could go another month or even longer, but to be honest, there is nothing preventing me from eating meat. I can still eat it sparingly (esp. red meats) and be very healthy. Eating meat is not unhealthy, (as many a vegetarian would tell you) and I understand this. Also, while I feel that there should be some animal rights, my feelings are not strong enough to stop eating meat.

I have changed what I will be doing in February, also. I am going to be trying to eat no junk food. While eating no meat I realized that a bigger problem, when it comes to eating patterns is the amount of junk food I eat. Therefore, I am not going to be eating any junk food except on my wife's B-day (because of cake and stuff) and also on valentines day. I think this will help my health much more than cutting out meat would have.

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