Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 tanks = $58,400,000

I've wondered where all of our countries money has gone and found some interesting facts.

There are places our military are stationed in Iraq where 1 gallon of gas costs about $400 to ship there. Now, most tanks guzzle gas at the rate of 4 gallons per mile. That means it is costing us, as a country, $1600 to get a tank from point A to point B, being a mile apart. An average tank holds about 25 gallons of gas. That's $40,000 dollars to travel 25 miles!! This is one tank!! Sure, not all places cost this much, so lets to the bare minimum: 1 Tank in a place that they need to ship the gas that travels... 10 miles a day. That seems extremely conservative. That means, in one year the cost to let this one single tank run costs: $5,840,000.

Almost 6 million dollars to run 1 single tank!! Keeping our stats extremely conservative we'll say that there are a total of 10 tanks in these areas with high gas shipping prices. That means to keep these tanks running for one year it costs $58,400,000.

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