Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Woe's of Writting

I was curious to see how often my stories get rejected and so I looked at all my rejection letters and emails compared to accepted and here are the stats:

26 rejections
2 accepted
(I also have 9 pending).

Ugh. I enjoy it, but it would be nice to receive a few more accepted letters.

If you count the 2 books I've written I have 3 more rejections, also.

But I keep writing.

*I should also add that I almost never write stories on paper like the above image, but rather enjoy its aesthetic value.


Jeffrey Dean Root said...

I try to write but I am such a poser

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

I think poetry is one of my strengths and I'm getting better at creative non fiction writing but I can't write fiction worth a damn!

Cap said...

I started with poetry but just fell in love with writing Sci-Fi. You can get such real and important ideas in the stories in such a unique way.

I did like your prisoner story you let me read!