Friday, August 26, 2011

Lindsey Robinson-Karr

I've never really known death and so I've never understood how it felt to lose someone. There have been some relatives that have passed and there was always some kind of distant sadness, but I had not really known them. I wish I had.

Today, I found out that one of my friends through Junior High and High School passed away. Lindsey Robinson-Karr passed because of a brain tumor that she had been bravely fighting for so long. She had had them before, and I remember visiting her when I was younger. Sitting and talking with her for some time about simple things. It somehow, back in grade school didn't seem quite real. I never took it seriously because she was always so happy.

It's hard to know how to react. I haven't spoken to her in almost eight years. I can't really claim to know who she now is, what she has done, who she was friends with or even what she loved to do. I know she loved her husband and life and family and that is enough to remember her as the same amazing person I knew growing up.

To be honest I don't know what to write, other then that. I could give the details of the cancer that plagued her, but I can't help but feeling that such a story would be cheapened by my telling. I was not there and in the back of my mind, in reading the updates, progression and digression, I still had the same sense that it wasn't real. That she was strong and that this would soon be over. Perhaps it is because of my ignorance and inexperience in dealing with death. All I needs say is this:

She was a wonderful person who loved life even in the middle of all of her hardships. She made others smile easily and often. She was important to her family and friends and she will be missed by even those like me, who once knew her and could never forget her kindness and love of life. The lives she has touched are many. More than I think anyone could imagine. I am grateful to be one of those lives.

Living Through Laughter.

Please, help her family and donate to help with their expenses. You can go here, and simply donate $2. 


Jeffrey Dean Root said...

I understand your post but I don't understand it because I still have yet to experience death to anyone close to me. I'm scarred at what will happen to me when it does.

Cap said...

I've never experienced it with someone I knew really well. I hung out with her a lot of Middle school and high school. I remember when she got her first tumor in Junior High and another in high school. I remember going to visit her. It's just a strange feeling. I haven't talked to her or seen her for over 7 years, but I still had a hard time coping with it. It never seemed like a real threat. I think because she was always so happy.

She was a great person.