Monday, January 2, 2012

The First Month

So, as it is the first month of the year, I am starting my first goal. Going Vegetarian. There is a reason I am going this. For the last . . . two years, I've wanted to be a vegetarian. It wasn't a strong desire, rather something I just wanted to try with little expectations in keeping up with it. (Mostly because I could not part from sea food). I have never been able to fully do this because I don't want to force it on anybody else. I'm not a big fan of waiving my own dietary choices, or lifestyle choices in peoples faces. And, I don't want to force my kids (or wife) to do something as drastic as not eating meat, just because I am doing it. And so, it is a one month goal, and after that I will stop.

I am excited about it. I've wanted to try this for a while, and now I get the chance. But I am a bit nervous about some aspects. I work a lot, and eat what I can while I am there and one thing I try to focus on is eating the right things to help me have energy and help me in my biking. Protein is a big one. And now, with no meat I have to find it other places. My wife was very concerned about me eating the right amount and getting the nutrients I need and calories I need (I burn about 1000 calories a day, and if I don't eat right I will be hurting my body). And so last night we worked together to make a bunch of batches of smoothie. Basically enough for about 6 days, and froze it. This should help with protein and energy stuffs, and now I just need to find things to help me through the day and meal substitutions.

I'll probably be having a lot of fruit and vege's and pb&j's. I think the really hard part will be every Saturday when I work at Gandolfo's. I'll be resigned to eating their vege sandwiches. Not great, but I've had them before and their not too bad . . . I guess.

Anyways, I am really excited about this and am hoping that I am able to keep it up. I have my family supporting me and that should be enough. I'd like to say that this is all easy for me and I'm happy to give it all up but I'm not. I bike by burger joints that smell amazing, daily. I love anything seafood and constantly want it. And my family (my wife and kids, parents, wife's parents, etc.) are all still going to be eating meat. And I am someone who still likes meat. And so it will be difficult, but I am determined to do it.


The Pecks said...

I don't know if you remember but when you were little we went vegetarian for a while. I replaced hamburger with lentil for our lazagna and you ate it like crazy. We totally replaced meat with legumes. Good luck. :)

Cap said...

How old was I. I don't think I remember that.

The Pecks said...

you were 2. We did it for about 6 months or more. You guys didn't notice much of a change cuz of spices, etc.

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

I went vegetarian for an entire year after high school. I stopped when I went on my mission to Mexico. I figured it wouldn't be possible since we were eating whatever the members gave us. Go to the sunflower market and get some ideas there. Also, Winco sells a lot of stuff by the pound so you may be able to get different kinds of nuts for really cheap. There was also this really crunchy stuff I used to add into my food but I can't remember what it was. Also, I make a really good toasted portabella mushroom and mozzarella sandwich. I would probably have to find a substitute for the egg though because it's part of the recipe